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Kyle B. Pace

Kyle B. Pace

Thank you for visting my blog. My main site can be found at http://www.kylepace.com. I love sharing and working with teachers about educational technology. My  full time job is an instructional technology specialist for a school district in the Kansas City area.  I came from teaching elementary school to now teach teachers how to successfully infuse technology into their instruction. I have experience with internet safety, SMART Board interactive whiteboards, eInstruction’s Classroom Performance System, social networking such as Diigo, Facebook, Twitter, web design, and many popular Web 2.0 Tools.

I want to help teachers move their teaching into the 21st century with proven strategies that will engage today’s 21st century student as well as differentiate their instruction. I want to help teachers not feel intimidated by technology, but to gradually embrace it and feel more confident using it by providing continual support.

itwmi book

Integrating Technology with Music Instruction

In January 2009, the book I co-authored, Integrating Technology with Music Instruction, was published. Greg Foreman, my co-author, colleague, and friend invited me to collaborate on this project based on the close work I have done with the music department in the school district for which we both work.  The book was published by Alfred Publishing in Van Nuys, CA.

Please be sure to check out more info about me over at kylepace.com to find out information about my current work experience. I can be reached via my contact form if you have any other questions.