2010 Edublog Award Nomination

I am honored to have been nominated for a 2010 Edublog Award this year. This is my first time to be nominated and is in the category of Best Individual Tweeter.  Thank you very much to whomever nominated me. I am honored to be listed with so many great educators. I love sharing resources, articles, and information on Twitter to the rest of my PLN. I want only the best resources for teachers and students. I have been trying to be even more strict as of late with what I choose to share and what I choose not to share. I’m sure we can all relate to identifying resources that are of high quality and those that certainly are not.  This is a skill that I have been refining over the last 7 years as an instructional technology specialist.  It’s also a skill we need to be teaching our students as I believe it’s an essential skill to have even after high school and college.

Thank you again for the nomination and if you’d like to vote for me as Best Individual Tweeter please click the badge below to be taken to the voting page over at Edublogs.  Award or not, my desire to share will not cease.


2 Comments on “2010 Edublog Award Nomination”

  1. Mark Barnes says:

    Congrats, Kyle, I always appreciate your contributions.

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