The Passion Bug Is Spreading. Have You Ever Caught It?

School Lockersphoto © 2010 Michalis Chatzimichail | more info (via: Wylio)

This post is cross-posted as a guest post on Angela Maiers’ site. Thank you Angela for inviting me to blog with such a passionate group of people!

Passion is contagious. Have you ever been listening to a keynote speech and just get so fired up and excited you want to jump out of your chair?? “YES! Someone that gets it! Someone that shares my views on ______! I’m not as crazy as I thought I was!” It doesn’t even have to be a “keynote speech”. A very vivid memory of this for me was back in April at the 140 Conference in New York City. I was moderating one of the two education panels during the conference. Before that though, shortly after the start of the day, there was a principal scheduled to speak. You might have heard a thing or two about him or his school, The Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. His name is Chris Lehmann. If you have 10 minutes to watch Chris’ presentation from the 140 Conference you can do so by going to It happens to currently be featured on the main page of the site. It’s well worth your time.

Isn’t that excitement just awesome? Do you think the students at SLA know that Chris has a passion for making the 4 years they’re there worthwhile? It’s so recharging and refreshing, especially when you’re learning at the same time as I was.

Shouldn’t all educators be spreading this passion, this enthusiasm, to our students every time they are in our classrooms?

Last Saturday was #EdCampKC, and I found myself surrounded by some very passionate people. There was representation from teachers, administrators, K-12, and Higher Ed. All of these people have passion for what they do every day for students. You did not have to sit until the end of a session/conversation to figure this out. Check out the sessions that were recorded here and you’ll feel some passion for education. The teachers that came last Saturday also have a passion for their own professional learning. It’s hard to say someone isn’t passionate to learn when he or she invest their hard earned money to fly from Detroit, Chicago, Boston, or Orlando to come to Kansas City. Or to make a 3+ hour drive late on a Friday night or very early on a Saturday morning. To be surrounded by fantastic teachers doing fantastic things for and with their students (and for themselves) gives one quite the recharge to the professional batteries.

I like to think my passion for EdCampKC was somewhat contagious for a few others. In less than a week after EdCampKC, EdCampOmaha and EdCampOKC (Oklahoma City) were born. Josh Allen and Wes Fryer have a couple of great EdCamps in the works. If you can make it to one or both I highly encourage you to do so. If you think your passion can’t grow, you’re wrong. Go to an EdCamp. I’m certainly not saying that EdCamps are the ONLY type of events where passionate educators are, as Educon 2.3 in Philly is going to be a huge one coming in January that I am really excited for.

My passion is helping others with their self-directed professional development. That’s why I organized EdCampKC. If you follow me on Twitter, that’s another place where I like to contribute to the self-directed professional development of other teachers and administrators. I do this by sharing articles, resources, and ideas to help educational technology become more commonplace in our classrooms around the world. Teachers are taking lots of their own time, outside of school; to participate in discussions like EdChat, to connect, to collaborate, and to create in ways that used to not be possible. If you share my passion, or even if you don’t, I welcome your comments. Thank you.


2 Comments on “The Passion Bug Is Spreading. Have You Ever Caught It?”

  1. Passion is definitely contagious! I have caught the passion for blogging, Twitter, and growing my PLN this semester since taking ECMP 355, an education course dedicated to using technology in education. I can’t believe how much my passion has grown for social media in education in this short period of time–but I absolutely love it!! Twitter is the most amazing personal development I have experienced. Sharing educational resources, tech tools, ideas and other relevant material is so beneficial to educators and subsequently our students. I could not agree more with what you said “shouldn’t all educators be spreading this passion, this enthusiasm, to our students every time they are in our classrooms?”

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